Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) is the term given to define the process of sweeping for electronic listening devices, bugs, covert cameras and other similar eavesdropping devices; as well as the related identification of security weak points.

Government Agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and private business entities turn to the experienced professionals at Blackhorse Private Investigators to perform technical surveillance countermeasures sweeps for corporate offices, conference rooms, boardrooms, off-site meeting locations, hotel rooms and conference centers, executive home offices and vehicles.

Evaluating your risk is vital to maintaining your business continuity, security, and peace of mind. Identifying the potential for electronic eavesdropping should be a major part of your organizations overall risk management strategy. Our professional TSCM Sweep services compliment your due-diligence processes by protecting your confidential information, your planning, your customer information, and your reputation.

Blackhorse detective Agency works with our Private Clients to perform in-depth technical bug sweeps to identify and locate hidden cameras, wireless devices, audio bugs, and recording units furtively planted to acquire information through covert means.

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Do you suspect your office has been comprised? Does your business not feel right? You sometimes doubt of being ‘watched’ secretly? Or, more still, you feel a potential victim of corporate espionage?

Yes, bugs (or electronic eavesdropping devices) can be used to harm you personally, professionally or financially. These small devices can be kept hidden in any room, container or any other ‘suitable’ place in either your home or office.

Further, even video or audio can be recorded or captured, or transmitted live for dubious gains. Such bugs, if not detected timely, can truly be devastating for your prospects in the world.

Clearly, you are at greater risks today than ever before as eavesdropping devices or bugs have become more sophisticated and smaller. The worst of it all, they are less expensive and easier to hide. All of this can create a lot of problems by posing security risks and by taking away your peace of mind.

So, if you ever feel like being comprised or watched over, you should immediately hire an expert and ease the worries. After all, only right people, modern equipment and robust methodology can help detect these devices and help you live peacefully again.

Blackhorse private investigators in Kenya is a premier private detective agency with an enviable track record in proving debugging or electronic sweeping services to clients across industry verticals. We have a well-equipped and experienced technical team that knows how to detect those bugs and sweep the office or home free of any risks.