Blackhorse Private Investigation Detectives is the only Private Investigators in Kenya that has the ability and technology to retrieve deleted data such as Whatsapp messages, Text Messages, Emails and so on from the past and present.

When someone deletes certain communication from their phone it usually means they have something to hide. Since the first smart phone was released we have been able to retrieve that deleted data which has proven in many cases to be extremely telling to our customers. Retrieving deleted data is not a easy task and can be very time consuming, although we use the most up to date technology to assist and support our investigations, most of the work done is by hand converting coding and making the data readable for the customer.

Phone Forensics

Imagine being able to view deleted Text Messages that your partner has been sending and receiving, imagine how important reading a past conversation could be to finding out the truth about an affair that may have taken place or perhaps an affair that is ongoing. Not only can you see all the messages your partner has sent, included will be all of the messages your partners has received. All messages sent and received will come in date and time order and will be emailed to the customer on a word document. Full technical support will be given to the customer to make sure the process from start to finish is simple and easy.

Most smart phones are compatible enough for us to be able to complete this task. Usually all we need from the customer is the make and model of the phone along with the telephone number. If you are unsure of the model of the phone in question, don’t worry we can usually find this out from the mobile number being used.

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