Blackhorse private investigators in Kenya (CALL/WHATSAPP)+254721 875 056 is a premier private investigation agency with years of market years in tracking down even the most elusive individuals. We’re a leading missing person investigation agency in Kenya with expertise and remarkable success rate with finding out whereabouts of missing people or individual. We have the largest team of investigators in the domain and use the most sophisticated technology, tools and gadgets to locate missing people.

We have access to databases not available to our competitors in the domain which helps us locate any individual and help our clients in need. We do missing people investigation to locate individuals in Kenya and outside as well. Further, our experience in ski tracing is leveraged by the industry and common people of society for serving different purposes.

You can get in touch with Blackhorse private investigators in Kenya for finding missing person as our team of investigators has solved hundreds of cases in this field. Whether cases of long-lost contacts, absconding, elopement or loan default, we ensure that the missing person’s whereabouts is traced and informed to our clients. Whether someone is actually missing or is deliberately hiding to avoid paying loan or debt, we are capable in tracing them down all.

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We provide missing person investigation in four different types of cases;OPEN THE CASES BELOW


Searching missing person is never easy unless you’re an expert or have years of experience of the domain. We help clients find about the person they search.We rely on both, database and on-field investigation to solve actual missing cases or long-lost contacts. Our investigators have successfully traced down young kids or old-age people who have gone missing without leaving any trace or trail behind.

We are approached by clients for searching missing people due to reasons as varied as long-lost contacts, Alzheimer, memory loss, dementia etc. We have a proven record at leveraging data mining techniques to find missing children or missing young kids. Our team is capable of locating people in most complex of cases.


We are a well-known detective agency with proven track-record at finding absconders, fugitives, outlaws, runways and criminals. We rely on a strong network and resource for finding missing people with dubious characters or records. We are hired by individuals and corporate clients alike for locating people in absconding cases. We utilize technology and on-field investigation to know the whereabouts of people hiding after doing some cheating, forgery, fraud, loan default or other unlawful activities.

Our team of investigators welcome any little data from clients and then start locating missing person in India as well as outside the country. Our team leverages traditional investigation, technology and networking to crack such cases and locate the whereabouts of absconding people.


People often take loan and go missing. We receive cases where someone is debt-laden and untraceable. Locating loan defaulters is a complex task that requires industry experience which we do have. We have successful found loan defaulters hiding across India and helped our clients solve their debt issues with ease. We have lots of corporate clients as well whom we help through expertize in locating missing person for their debt cases.

So, if someone has borrowed money from you and is gone missing, contact us and we will find that person for you. Our team is capable to locate anyone hiding anywhere in the world. Trust our years of market experience and get help for solving your loan or debt cases.


We do skip trace in elopement cases and locate couples or individuals who are gone hiding or missing to an unknown location. We are approached by clients to locate someone who has eloped without any trace. In such cases, parents often avoid contacting the police due to social stigma attached. Sleuths India understands the secrecy and sensitivity required in handling elopement cases as our experts ensure that no information comes out in the public.

While locating missing people in elopement cases, we rely on the subject’s information provided by the client and utilize database and on-field investigation to crack the cases. We have traced and tracked elopement cases where the missing people have gone into hiding beyond the boundaries of India. You can trust our experience and locate the person you want to