Surveillance can be an essential element of certain investigations, and nobody does it more professionally and discreetly than Blackhorse Private Investigators in Kenya.

Conducting proper and thorough surveillance involves the use of the most modern technology, but it also requires the type of seasoned know-how our agency has gained through decades of experience in the field.

Our agency conducts surveillance responsibly, ethically and professionally so that the information obtained from it can be used in court and other legal proceedings.

We know when, where and how to conduct productive surveillance. We know each case has unique surveillance needs, and each person under surveillance has different habits and routines.

Beyond our own skilled personnel, we have access to a large pool of specialized professionals who are pre-qualified and expertly trained and can be quickly utilized when needed.

Note: We strongly advise against conducting your own surveillance. This type of operation is rarely successful, and there are real risks to getting caught, including the risk of bodily harm in a confrontation, a harassment charge and a loss of credibility in a potential legal proceeding. State laws regulating and licensing investigators also prohibit such activity by people who are not licensed.

It is always best to hire a licensed and insured investigator like Blackhorse Investigative Agency.


Blackhorse private Investigations will use photographic surveillance to provide positive identification and gather evidence in a wide range of case types. Due to the discrete nature of an investigation, it is imperative that the Private Investigator operate completely undetected to collect evidence while adapting to their surroundings.

This is possible using photographic surveillance by varying the method of photography used. Some situations will require the investigator to stake out at a location fully camouflaged, snapping faces, license plates, vehicles and other distinguishable features from a distance using the powerful zoom of a long range camera..

These instances need to be carefully planned beforehand to make sure the location has a clear line of sight and will not blow the investigator’s cover. Other cases with more active targets are better suited to the use of easily hidden point-and-shoot cameras. Even camera phones are a valuable tool to document activities in a pinch.

A skilled private investigator will have the ability to operate a wide range of photography equipment, perform under stressful conditions and capture crystal clear images. It takes years in the field to develop the skills and intuition necessary to know where to stake out, when to move, where the target will be going and where will give the best shot. Custody cases, infidelity, insurance fraud, workers comp and other cases all benefit from the use of discrete photographic surveillance.