Private investigators in Kenya

           Private investigators in Kenya

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Blackhorse private investigators in Kenya has an excellent reputation in the Private Investigation field. We are recognized as a premium full-service Private Investigation Firm. We have our main office conveniently located in  Westlands ,Nairobi. We offer professional private investigation and surveillance services for clients across industries such as Insurance, Legal, Corporate, the Government, and private civilians. Our office strategically located in Nairobi makes our team of experts always readily available to support and attend to all requests. We offer our services across the country. We serve areas such as Nairobi,Mombasa,Kisumu,Eldoret,Thika,Malindi,Kwale,among others. We also have international partnerships that enable us to provide thorough investigation services to our diverse range of local, national and global clients without compromising on anything. We have meticulously honed our Private Investigations skills over the years by providing clients with the best quality service and unbending dedication to their causes. We ensure to treat your case with the utmost discretion and sensitivity.

Infidelity Investigations

Blackhorse Private Investigations  offers its infidelity investigation services to individuals and law firms. At Blackhorse private investigators, we are conscientious of the sensitive nature of each case and perform our investigations with the utmost discretion and meticulousness. If you suspect that your loved one is of being unfaithful, we have the experience and expertise to discover truth.

If your mate displays any combination of the listed behaviors repetitively, chances are he/she is not being faithful:

1 Changes in appearance

2 Changes in sexual conduct

3 Changes in work schedule

4 Changes in bathing habits

5 Suspicious web use

6 Suspicious telephone habits

7 You sense something off Change in behavior of your mate

8 Sudden increase or decrease in intimacy

9 Spouse occupied and uninterested in family activities

10 New discovered enthusiasm for slimming down and getting shape

11 Unexplained hours away

12 Spouse conceals instant messages and calls sign on a cell phone

13 Cheating companion does not answer a phone during working hours

14 Looks for chances to be separated from everyone else

15 Increased and unexplainable spending

16 Frequent calls and hang ups at the house or cell phone

17 Refuses to discuss relationship issues

This type of investigation is extremely delicate, and the findings can negatively impact the lives of all parties involved, including children. Our principal approach is to offer empathy, advice and a professional, discreet service. Using our full range of undercover surveillance techniques, we start gathering information quickly and the results are always accurate. This can include background checks, tracking methods and covert surveillance.

Unfortunately, once someone seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not, their suspicions are correct. The pain and fear is very real and each investigator, at Blackhorse private investigators, takes these emotions very seriously.

Let us end your fear and anxiety and get you the truth

Our services are at competitive rates and our retainers are essentially lower than the competition

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We are the most established and experienced private investigation agency in the Kenya and, as such, have the facilities, reach and knowledge to provide you with the most reliable and effective investigation services available.

We are results driven and undertake targeted investigation to achieve irrefutable evidence for you, providing you with all the details and proof you need to take fully informed and supported action.

Blackhorse Private Investigators in Kenya will protect your personal information and the details of your investigation and guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality.

We will provide you with an allocated advisor who will guide and support you throughout the entire investigation process and ensure you are fully updated and informed at every step.

Blackhorse Private Investigators in Kenya always act in a legitimate and ethical way and all investigative work undertaken by us will be legally compliant.

Blackhorse Private Investigators in Kenya will work with you to find the most cost effective and efficient solution to whatever difficulty or issue you need to address.


Our Private Investigators in Kenya can help you catch a cheating spouse, perform background checks for your company, perform asset checks, deal with Child custody issues or any type of matrimonial investigations. Blackhorse Detectives and Private Investigators are the Private Detective Agency you have been seeking. Your concerns and investigative needs will be taken care of throughout the investigating process by our highly trained and dedicated staff. Blackhorse private investigators background checks and criminal searches are also services that we can provide highly up to date and confidential information for.

Blackhorse Private Investigators was established in 2010 as a professional regional investigation services firm. Since that time we have grown into a professional international private investigation and risk consulting services firm that delivers clear concise actionable information to improve and/ or protect our clients’ interest locally, regionally and globally. Our services are delivered through an investment in both personnel and technology. Our private investigators are comprised of highly trained, experienced professionals that have spent a life time honing their craft.

Licensed Professionals

Blackhorse Private Investigators is the leading Private investigation firm and detective agency in Kenya.

Our services include;

We operate in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret and countrywide.

Blackhorse private Investigators-Kenya is known for employing some of the most experienced and educated investigators in the area. That’s because after years of experience working both small and large scale cases, our world-class investigators understand what it takes to get the results you need. We specialize in every aspect of investigations so we are your one-stop Kenya intelligence agency.

So whether it is surveillance, voice stress analysis, lie detector test, corporate surveillance, corporate security, skip trace, domestic investigation, executive protection, explosive/narcotic detection, or even a hidden camera, we will handle the investigation for you as a top Private Investigator in Nairobi Kenya.

We are Affordable, 100% confidential private investigation services for Local, National & International enquiries. With a team of over 200+ private investigators operating in Kenya and globally, we provide affordable investigation services for all covering both domestic and commercial markets.

Affordable Private Investigation Service

• 100% FULLY Confidential

• 20+ Years’ Experience

• High Success Closure Rate

Do you need to find someone, conduct a background check or think your partner might be cheating?

Blackhorse Private Investigators provides a full range of professional & discreet services locally, nationally & internationally. Speak to a professional today online, over the phone or via email.

Why You Should Hire Strategy Private Investigators

Hire an experienced Private Detective in Nairobi Kenya from the Blackhorse Detectives Agency.

Blackhorse Private Investigators is said to be not only a top private detective agency, but also the finest Investigation Company in Kenya. If you are looking for a Private Investigator in any city or town in Kenya, either Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret or Kisumu you have then come to the right place. But don’t worry if you’re not in Kenya, we more than likely can still handle your Investigation. Our commitment to the citizens of Kenya is unparalleled in the investigative industry.


Choose Blackhorse Private Investigators-Kenya as your Private Investigation Firm and jump start your investigation today. With this great option, our clients can feel safe and confident knowing their privacy and best interests are being taken into consideration. Get in touch today to learn about this and other benefits that working with the best in the industry can bring.


An impressive team of professionals and this helpful feature helps clients feel increasingly confident about letting Blackhorse Private Investigators-Kenya work on all their cases. Our Private Investigation Firm provides everything you need to stay calm and assured. Simply schedule your initial consultation today and we’ll take care of the rest.


Choose Blackhorse Private Investigators-Kenya as your Private Investigation Firm and jump start your investigation today. With this great option, our clients can feel safe and confident knowing their privacy and best interests are being taken into consideration. Get in touch today to learn about this and other benefits that working with the best in the industry can bring.